2nd Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2017: Libraries and the Internet of Things

Last March 30, 2017, the Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians, Inc. (PAARL) held its 2nd Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2017 entitled, “Libraries and the Internet of Things (IoT)”. It was held at the Asian Institute of Management, Paseo de Roxas, Legazpi Village, Makati City.


This lecture aimed to provide a fertile learning environment for new ideas and enlightened discussions among library and information professionals. It also intended to educate and familiarize librarians and information professionals with the concept of IoT and how these technologies can be beneficial to libraries.

The resource speaker for this event was Professor Paulo Noel G. Paje, Director of the U.P. Information Technology Development Center.


Professor Paje said that IoT is a network of smart objects containing embedded technologies that communicate and interact with the physical environment. IoT is an emerging area. Several possible services and innovations may become available because of an increasingly interconnected, networked environment.

Furthermore, IoT’s impact to libraries especially the importance of its various manifestation especially in the library, i.e. the beneficial enhancements and enrichment of the libraries when IoT devices, tools, and applications are implemented, were also discussed in the lecture. The speaker also identified the issues and challenges librarians needed to be aware of when using IoT in libraries such as personal privacy, security of data, cost of investment in it technologies, required training and infrastructures, data collection, and transmission standards.

This lectures series indeed made a great contribution in the lives of all librarians.