Loreto Mallari Seriña: A Fellow to Remember

Loreto Serina
(PAARL Awarding Ceremony, 25th of January 2007 at Centro Escolar University, Manila)

It was a heart-wrenching day to mourn the passing of Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians’ (PAARL) former president. Our condolences to the family and loved ones of Mrs. Loreto Mallari Seriña, former Chief Librarian of Jose Rizal University, who passed away last June 13, 2017.

Known to her colleagues and friends as “Olet,” she will be remembered for being an active member and officer of various library associations.

As a tribute and in memory of this beloved fellow, let’s look back to some memorable parts of her journey as an officer of various library associations and as a librarian.

Back in 1958, Mrs. Seriña  graduated from University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s degree major in library science. She then pursued and acquired her Master’s Degree in Library Science from University of the Philippines in 1976. She became President of the Philippine Library Association, Inc. from 1988-1991. She also served as President of PAARL in 1998. Four years later, she became the Director of the Philippine Foundation for Library Scholarships, Inc.

Mrs. Seriña  also became a member of the Professional Regulation Commission-Board for Librarians together with the late Mrs. Susima L. Gonzales and Ms. Leonor B. Gregorio. During their terms, the Directory of Licensed Librarians in the Philippines was published.

Because of her dedication, hard work, and passion as a librarian, she received the following awards, namely: PLAI Cirilo B. Perez Award (1986); PLAI Gabriel A. Bernardo Award (1989-1991); PLAI Gabriel A. Bernardo Award 1989-1991); PLAI Hall of Fame (2002); PLAI Eulogio B. Rodriguez Award (2005); and PAARL Lifetime Achievement Award (2006).

Truly, she’s an inspiration to many, especially in PAARL.

On behalf of all librarians, farewell for now, Mrs. Seriña.