PAARL 2017 Seminar-Workshop on Strategic Thinking: Shaping the Future of Academic/Research Libraries

Last August 2017, PAARL conducted a 3-day seminar-workshop with the theme: “Strategic Thinking: Shaping the future of Academic/Research Libraries”. It was held in Tagaytay Country Hotel, Tagaytay City, from 23rd to 25th August 2017. More than 130 participants registered for this event.

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Mr. Alfred Diaz served as the workshop facilitator for this activity. Mr. Diaz is a human resource practitioner and professional who has worked with local and international companies, schools, as well as government agencies and local government units. He shared his knowledge on topics specifically on strategic planning like:

  • ABC’s of planning
  • The five tasks of strategic management
  • Assessing reality
  • Case application (reality assessment)
  • Visioning (visioning for my organization)
  • Inspiring others towards a shared vision
  • Planning to close the gaps
  • Setting targets and formulating SMART strategies,
  • Managing diversities and disagreements-role and target negotiations
  • Importance of documentation, and
  • Execution of closing the gaps.

Mr. Diaz facilitated the workshops which include: the five tasks of strategic management i.e. developing a strategic vision/mission and values, setting measurable objectives; crafting strategies to achieve objectives; implementing and executing the strategies, and;  evaluating and correcting. These activities, without a doubt, were helpful in making a good plan into a better-to-best plan for the organization and its members.

Over-all, this seminar-workshop was a success and indeed another milestone for PAARL, whose Directors believe the importance of building essential character and skills of its leadership and members.