MGDLS 3 on Research Methods for Librarians

The Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 3 with the theme “Demystifying Research Methods and Ethics in LIS” was held on 20 June 2018 at the Learning Commons, De La Salle University-Manila. This was attended by 77 librarians and information professionals. Some participants have attended the first two lecture series: Getting Started! Research in Library and Information Science on 07 May 2018 at the University of Santo Tomas, and Problematizing the Problem: Developing Your Research Problem and Framework on 31 May 2018 at Rizal Library, Ateneo De Manila University.

At the end of the seminar, the participants should be able to (1) understand how various research methods have been used in LIS; (2) recognize and apply various approaches and tools to analyzing and interpreting data; and, (3) discuss the importance of ethical considerations in conducting research.

Two resource persons were invited to talk on the following topics:

  • Marian Ramos-Eclevia, Assistant Director for Operations, De La Salle University Libraries
    • Choosing the Right Research Methods and Sampling
    • Developing Data Collection Instrument
    • Basic Statistical Tool for Data Analysis
  • Dr. Jessie S. Barrot, Dean of the College of Education, Arts and Sciences, National University
    • Ethic Issues in Conducting Research

Ramos-Eclevia discussed the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methods used in LIS in terms of purpose, research questions and objectives, data collection and analysis, and results. Various types of research design were also identified and discussed. Ramos-Eclevia presented some of her research papers using different research methods and discussed how she used qualitative and quantitative research methods in her research.

Dr. Barrot presented ethical and unethical practices in conducting research, such as plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, etc. He also shared some tips on managing data collected and avoiding plagiarism.

This lecture series is part of the Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2018 “The Push to Research and Publish: Reskilling Librarians towards Becoming Practitioner-Authors, which aims to provide a learning venue for librarians and LIS students to hone their research skills, improve their research confidence and cultivate research culture among themselves.


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